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Source Content Dissemination Services(SCDS)

Source Content Dissemination Services (SCDS) is a new realization the Foundation GEOINT Gateway that modernizes the way NGA receives FG Products and disseminates them. SCDS has three regions of focus.

The first region involves product reception. SCDS will automate the ingest process. Whether receiving products by CD, DVD or Digital Delivery, product files will be routed through a dirty to clean bucket process that will virus scan, verify and persist content. Region 2 is SCDS’s core storage repository known as the Cloud Content Catalog and Product Offering or (C3PO) and is the persistence store (database) for SCDS. It accounts for content locations in the cloud and in the data center.

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The catalog will be replicated using a master-to-master configuration to keep data synchronized with current operations and utilizes a REST API (C3PO API) for metadata access. The third region is Data Dissemination. Release, Redaction, Disclosure, and Dissemination (R2D2) comprises the services providing NGA’s Foundation GEOINT content to existing interfaces such as EFD, GDP or EventKit.

Through close and continuing collaboration with the Office of International Affairs and the Fogerty (FGDRT) effort, data is tagged for quicker release to Warfighters, Policy Makers, and other authorized users where they need it, when they need it, and in the formats they require.

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