Projects • Automated Raster Modernization

Automated Raster Modernization(ARM)

This initiative is the efficient, technologically advanced production and archiving system for NGA maps and charts. The modernized solution is cloud based using open source products to utilizing computer vision and optical character recognition to determine neatlines, control points, and coordinate detection on maps.

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ACCORD (Automated Cataloging and Compression of Raster Data) interfaces with services provided by modernization programs (i.e., FGDRT, GPM) to speed up releasability decisions.

Automation will increase speed of production of Expurgated products for rapid one-time mission use


GeoDec (GeoReferencing and Decollaring) automatically creates GeoTIFFs and Forward Based GEOINT(FBG) from PDFs and GeoTIFFs. Deliver Forward Based GEOINT and GeoTIFFs in a variety of popular formats georeferenced and decollared.

Other Projects

Creation Dissemination Modernization

Modernizing the legacy GN production and dissemination capabilities

Enterprise File Delivery

Cross-domain automated dissemination system residing on multiple networks

Foundation GEOINT Discovery and Release Tool

Modernized, maintainable, service enabling (near) real-time Disclosure & Release (D&R) Decision.

Source Content Dissemination Services

Modernize Gateway's Foundation GEOINT products and processes from ingest through dissemination