Who we are

DevCorps is a cadre of in-house government software development experts who are the model for NGA’s digital maker culture. We take a modern software development approach to build full applications and deliver unique mission capabilities for the NGA/ASG. When the mission demands a new software capability not requiring a large multi-year acquisition contract, NGA turns to the DevCorps for quick turnaround solutions using the most efficient and reliable DevSecOps pipeline tools and industry best practices.

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What we do

DevCorps implements DevSecOps practices to deliver and manage state-of-the-art software capabilities and services for NGA/ASG customers’ unique missions. We handle everything from GEOINT data services, office automation and analytical workflow improvements to imagery dissemination and foundation feature collection projects across the Enterprise. Our projects are extremely successful because we partner with our customers using agile methodologies and continue to hire and train the right talent to join our team.

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Is my project a good fit for DevCorps?

Criteria for DevCorps Project Requests:

  • Sized for a 4-person squad
  • 6 to 18-month duration
  • Green field development
  • Solution is not already well advanced by industry
  • Priority capability for mission areas

Projects DevCorps Does Not Support:

  • COTS product deployments or integrations
  • Operations and Maintenance of existing applications
  • Application migrations to the cloud, AKA “Lift and Shift”
  • Systems administration or integration tasks
  • Lightweight scripting/automation
  • Pure research activities

How we can help

Our expert developers modernize software. Let us help you accomplish your mission. To get started, tell us about your project.

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Moonshot Labs

DevCorps seeks to transform the digital workspace by way of the moonshot lab. We partner with mission area owners on priorities to accomplish its goal.

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Hiring Talent

Join our team of dedicated government software developers and engineering experts to meet the demand for in-house geospatial development.

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Stay connected and informed. We host events ranging from Hackathons and outreach activities to live software development demonstrations.

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